Mauro J. Yrigoyen Fajardo, is recognized as one of Latin America's most talented young artists. A cum laude graduate of Peru's School of Fine Art. He presented the thesis, The Presence of Realism and Force and was accorded top honors at graduation. He has taught at all levels of education in Peru and became the Director of the Upper School of Artistic Formation at the Art School of San Pedro de Cajas. He is currently professor of painting at the School of Fine Art. His vision of Humanamente Natural is also the title of his fifth solo showing.

This exhibit shows the most recent work of what he considers to be an art documentary, as it tells of the unique dialogue with nature. He terms this as natural humanity, painting the naturalness of his world as he seeks to shorten the distance between man and nature, light and atmosphere, form and color, what is and is not important--it is all naturally human and humanly natural. Natural humanity permits the appreciation of the hidden wonder in one flower, one plant, one dove, a sound, an idea, a road, a small village--it is all a reflection of what one feels.

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