Born in England, Victoria Fontaine studied at the Folkstone School of Art and Brighton Arts College prior to her arrival in Australia. Best known for her pastel portraits and nude paintings she has exhibited widely in Australia and Europe.

Victoria Fontaine-Wolf studied at the Folkestone School of Art and Brighton College of Art gaining a B.A. in Art and Design.
She has travelled to the USA,Venezuela, Martinique,Curacao,Jamaica,Kenya,Saudi Arabia, Switzerland,Bahrain and the Channel Islands, between working for Portrait Associates executing portraits in public schools, including Eton and Benneden.
Victoria has also illustrated books for well known publishers such as MacMillain and John Murray.

She spent 7 years in Australia painting portraits, nudes ,murals and illustrations for diving magazines.
She moved to Germany where she lived for many years, painting portraits, nudes, murals and other commissions including old master copies, giving art lessons and travelling abroad for commissions .
In 2003 she moved back to England.

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