Miquel Bosch was born in Ciutadella de Menorca in the year 1969. He is 4th Dan in Karate and National Coach in the same discipline. He has got an experience of twenty years in that sport. At the same time he began to feel a certain curiosity for painting and art in general. He happened to meet Pau Faner at gym and as a result of their friendship he ended by attending some painting courses.

He attended courses by Alba Bosch and Rafael Jofre for seven years at the Drawing and Painting School in Ciutadella. Nowadays he works on his own. In the last few years he has been experimenting with human figure and with light in a special way. As a result of such experiences he has received several awards, Sant Jordi (Es Castell 2004), Sant Antoni-Sa Nostra (Menorca 2007) among them; he has also been selected in important awards like BMW (Madrid 2004) and Torres García (Mataró 2005) and pre-selected in the Contest of Figurative painting Fundación de las artes (Marbella 2006).



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