D.W.C. Sailboat - Artist Brent Lynch

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

The first 25 years of Brent‘s career marks his time in the applied arts as an illustrator and designer. His body of work ranged from large scale murals, books, magazine, event posters and record cover illustrations commissioned by leading corporations, agencies, publishers, professional art and sports organization. Of all these works it was his artistic event posters that became best known and created a strong popular following. Over the years Brent produced an impressive composite of painting / illustrations featuring national and international events including sports, tourism, opera, dance and theater. These original paintings now hang in prestigious addresses around the world. He has enjoyed much success and was honored with many coveted professional communication arts awards for his illustration and design.

Over the past decade, Brent has turned his attention to his own personal artwork. He brings the power that made him one of Canada’s best illustrators into the world of fine art.
The energy, intensity and poetry of both his figurative and landscapes are a result of the artist’s passion for direct study from life. It was a trademark discipline as an illustrator and now it is in his personal artwork.  

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