Giuseppe Muscio exposes the reality making to relive in his pictures from the clear, precious, admirable execution the ancient miracle of the painting as a poetic replica of the life and of the things as addition of beauty to the film of the visible. The intellectual and optic brightness, the atmosphere of perfection of the vision that the paintings pervade coming out of his studio, few they have to do with a some today's hyperrealistic fashion of American importation, where the colour of the lived one is cooled and frozen rather, hibernated in the artifice of the photographic simulation, of the studied spot lights. On the opposite, in the Nuscio’s works we ascertain, also in the necessary or declared taking of distance of the pictorial look ,that symbolic, suggestive ,mixtured confront with the reality that we find in the artistic models of the past, in the elective way of the naturalist verb of the first decades of the 7th century .

Caravaggio,Guercino,La Tour,Recco, the great masters of the Flemish and Neapolitan still-life, whose immortal masterpieces Muscio has studied and copied for a long time, doing his best to recreate subjects of it and pigments, and, above all, trying to enter the spirit of that time. 

Yıldırım Kılıçhan

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