Paul  lives  in  LaHave, Nova  Scotia  with his wife and family. He enjoys spending time with family  and  friends,  running,  kayaking,  and working  on  their  100  year  old   house and property.

His quiet lifestyle belies Paul’s acute sense of the  elements  of  fundamental  beauty  and sensuous allure. Paul understands the subtle difference  between  “sensual  beauty”,  and “sexual eroticism”. For an image to be sensuous simply means that it appeals to the eye and the heart.  That  understanding,  combined with  Paul’s  expertise in composing the elements of his paintings within  the  parameters  of his canvas, make Paul Kelley’s art, uniquely powerful, and appealing.

Paul's art is a labor of love. Each realistic painting is the result of  hundreds of hours of work  involving  the  careful manipulation of  light  and form, colour and composition, to create an image which is passionate and alluring. Whether the subject is a marine art or a young woman in high heels, the result is a balanced image which is both powerful and yet serene,  mysterious yet inviting.  Whether or not the piece is sensual  art by subject, the result is a painting which is sensuous art in it's essential form.

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