D.W.C. Figurative paint - Artist Remy Daza Rojas

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Remy Daza Rojas, Bolivian painter, was born in Cochabamba. He studied at the school of fine arts "Ernesto de la Cárcova in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Made from 1973 several personal and collective exhibitions in major cities of Bolivia and abroad.

His work has received numerous awards and accolades. Among the latest: Único Nacional Award 1995 en Pintura XLIII Pedro Domingo Murillo-Salón La Paz, Bolivia, and in 1990, 1989, 1983, 1981 Gran Premio Nacional en Pintura Salón Pedro Domingo Murillo-La Paz, Bolivia.

Daza Remy has presented his work in two group shows performed by the band in September 1995 and in 1996 Taipinquiri. And thereafter, he participated in numerous exhibitions and individual -20 3. Given the quality of the proposal also participated in international exhibitions.

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