D.W.C. On The Beach - Painter Ken Danby

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Born March 6th 1940 - Died September 23rd 2007. 
Canadian photorealist artist born in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. He knew from an early age that he wanted to be
 an artist and was support in that dream by his parents, Gertrude and Edison Danby. 

His brother, Marvin, four years his senior, displayed natural abilities and interest in creating art as a
 teenager, which he later set aside. Ken credits Marvin's early interest with inspiring his own. Their parents
 were very supportive when Ken's artistic skills expanded throughout his elementary years at Cody 
Public School, Ken Danbywhere he became known as "the school artist", and they soon became aware
 of the serious degree of his interest. When he was ten years old, in Grade Six, he informed them that he
 wanted to become an artist, and that a guidance teacher had advised him of a school called the Ontario
 College of Art, where he could study art. Eight years later, in 1958, he enrolled.  

Despite certain anxieties for their son's future, Gertrude and Edison resolved to continue their support for 
Ken's ambitions as he was unwavering in his determination. Even when he quit the college two years
later because of the college's emphasis on abstract art, he did so with a belief that it was the right decision
 for him. He spent the following three years experimenting with his art before settling on photorealism, inspired
 by the work of Andrew Wyeth, an American photorealist.  

His first one man show in 1964 sold out, setting an example that was often repeated. Private, corporate
 and museum collectors responded enthusiastically to Danby's work and Danby was recognized as one 
of the world's foremost photorealist painters. Danby's work has been the subject of several books ranging
 from reference publications to biographies.


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