Danilo Ricciardi, was born in Syracuse in 1958, at the age of 12 he produced his first canvas with oil paints. He spends so the teenage years devoting himself to scientific studies does not leave out the artistic vocation, he studied painting as an autodidact, copying great masters.

All 'age of 22 years he devoted himself entirely to painting to make public its pictorial message making the first solo exhibition in the halls of' INPS of his city. Continue its exhibitions throughout Italy conquering space and more and more prestigious events. From 1982 to 1990 he took part in impromptu and contemporary of important cultural significance throughout the national territory.

In 1991 the painting Ricciardi is of international interest through publications disseminated by major publishing groups such as Mondadori Art, Ars De Agostini, Style Bernardelli Curuz, magazines Kalòs Art in Sicily, Amica House. Are published carpette lithographic and screen printing as well as by the TSA Rome also by the publishing group GEM of Taranto.


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