Antonio Sgarbossa is an Italian painter, known for working in the Figurative style.
Sgarbossa was born in Fontanaviva, Italy, the 18th of July 1945. He started to use oil colors when
 he was really young and a few time later, his parents decided to send him to study in a workshop
 the technique of painting pot dishes. In 1971, because of his work he has been obliged to move
 in Neuchatel (Switzerland) where he came into contact with the artistic scene of this place
 and started to study nude figure. His first contact with the public wzs in 1976 when he organized 
his first personal exhibition in "Il fiore" Art Gallery in Bassano Del Grappa. In 1977 in
 Fontanaviva he opened an own pot laboratory improving his skills in modeling and sculpture. 
 During the 90’s his artistic career become more powerful and well-known in fact he has
 been published in different art magazines and catalogues.


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