D.W.C. Village - Artist Alina Sibera

Monday, September 17, 2012

Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, Faculty of Graphic Arts in Katowice. Graduated in 1977 from book illustrations and graphic design planning. Deals mainly with painting, drawing and pastel. He is a member of the Association of Polish Pastel. Since 1979 he had 14 solo exhibitions and 36 group exhibitions at home and abroad. Actively participates in the open air, including one of the most interesting meeting of artists, who carried the name of the Bagpipe Player outdoors "Kamion", which is currently the curator.

Presented a set of works composed for my next exhibition is an important part of my achievements over the past three years. It shows a circle of my interests and thematic workshops, and I think also my attitude to the world, man, tradition ... and this could be stop. All what I want to say as a writer, about what is my work, it will not make any sense if it does not confirm that the work itself, because it is not the author of the work and the work speaks of the author. My works are born mainly from the experiences, feelings and reflections of the conditions for a more emotional than rational, and in choosing the theme and its formal report, as well as the final word, decide my personal appreciation and sense of expression. Indeed, the most important for me is the emotional experience of content that I express.

In the presented work can be seen two of my passions: nature and man. But there is a third element - a mystery. In my work, it is always present. Helps to achieve the meaning of my creation, which is a full expression of tension in relations between content, form and technique. In what I want to visually express the thought, emotion or idea, which gives a chance to express themselves, their world, without any formal charges, however, a valid current aesthetics.
I am trying to produce each piece of my work included myself, my thoughts, feelings, and doubts, they treat it as my message to the recipient. Thus, in all its form of expression I try to give a clean, simple and clear, understandable to anyone who wants to give her a little attention and take a look at this work carefully. At this point, declare my enthusiasm for the old tradition of painting.

 Viewer leave valuing artistic attitudes, and not indirectly through the work, with the hope that it will not go the path of current opinions and prejudices. I wish that viewed this exhibition and reacted to each of those viewers - for my own use - interpret what I do and as a result of her suggest.
If you happen to something that confirms my expectations, I will be fully satisfied.

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