D.W.C. Pretty Woman - Painter Paul Boswijk

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Paul Boswijk ( Arnhem , 1959) studied at the Academy Minerva in Groningen .Everything in the paintings of Paul to the light . Whether in through a window in broad strips or filtered through leaves on a face schijnt.Interieurs , hotel rooms, café terraces and in recent years also gardens and landscape , are the environments where Paul's models are. Because there are always people in his paintings . They are not portraits in the sense that it is solely for the person depicted is but the model is still an essential part of the schilderij.Paul paints a picture and endeavors to tell . No story here Symbolism , deep meanings and high thoughts should not be looked at him and he is thus a real realist.De last time he works as many wet-on - wet, which rather a more layered technique gehanteerd.Dit to as directly as possible obtain , without being too much the shape and suggestion to lose sight of. result

From 1985 solo at Galerie Mokum, Amsterdam and Galerie WICK XX, Groningen (now Nieuweschans) and regularly from 2006 at Galerie Zofier, Nieuweschoot.
Furthermore, participation in numerous group, anniversary and themed exhibitions in galleries and museums as art fairs Kunstrai, PAN and Realism. Commands KNMG and individuals.
30 years realists, Galerie Mokum (1992), Galerie Wiek XX .1977 to 1992 (1992); Young Realists from Galerie Wiek XX in the Drenthe Museum (1996), Galerie Wiek XX 1977-1997, with a nod to reality (1997 ) Mokum 40 Realistic Views (2002), The figuration as gift (2004)

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