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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Michele Del Campo was born in Sannicandro Garganico (FG) in 1976.
In 2007 he graduated in Fine Arts with specialty 'Artes Plásticas' Universidad Complutense of Madrid. Previously, in 2001, he obtained a degree 'Bachelor of Design (Hons) Degree in Illustration and Printmaking' at the Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, University of Dundee (UK).

 He began to exhibit individually in Madrid in 2004 at the Galería Jorge Alcolea. Since then his work has been a great success with audiences and critics in various personal celebrations in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, London and Lima.

 Among the awards he has won is worth noting the "BMW Award" in 2006, with a budget of 35,000 euros, delivered to them by Queen Sofía of Spain, and the prize "Luces" the best exhibition of the year in Peru in 2012.

Since 2008 lives and works in London. Its main gallery is now reference the prestigious Imago Art Gallery, with offices in London and Lugano. "In my paintings I construct a reality based on decontextualized mundane scenes of young and attractive people in urban settings. A reality that goes beyond the capture of an instant but seeks to express, in more general terms, the notion of a 'globalised' urban youth according to their idealised vision of themselves.  

This concept is materialized in their attitudes, how they occupy the place, the way they stand or sit, showing the confidence they have in their own body, always dressed with fashionable clothes. The environments in which they appear are just hints of the world they live in, often personalised by their intervention, like in the case of graffiti or tags, but never a mere description of a particular place or city."

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