Sergio Martinez Cifuentes, Chilean with Spanish citizenship, was born in Santiago, Chile on July
 7, 1966. As a young boy, his drawings were outstanding, which, together with his poems and
 small musical compositions, began to shape the teenager’s romantic and existentialist personality.
 It is at this stage where he participated in numerous youth competitions in painting, 
obtained significant awards, which helped him understand the true importance of his
 relationship with fine arts.

The distance he established with educational trends and style of Art school at the local 
university, guaranteed his self-training as a painter. At a first stage, he followed descriptive 
realism, showing great command of forms as well as a contented and elegant dominion
 of colors, landscape being his main theme.  

In 1987 he married Lizeth, with whom he made the first portraits and nudes: hence his encounter
 with the human figure became a new challenge, which bound him in the 90s with the "nude" 
world, that would become the theme that covers almost all of his work. 

From year 2000 to 2002, we find a break in his academic formalism, associated with
the Pre-Rafaelism, giving way to interesting features of interpretation. He substitutes oil with
 acrylic, his fine canvas with linen textures, but mostly, changes his interest in detail and finish,
 for the interest in gestural images and intense light and form. The subsequent return to oil 
and refined painting, draws the experience of dynamic acrylics perceived in the compositions 
and effects of volume and light, that appear to suppose no difficulty for him. 

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