1977 born in Asenovgrad , Bulgaria
1991 - 1996 Education at the High School for Fine Arts “ Zanko Lavrenov “ ,
Plovdiv , Bulgaria

1999 - 2000 Studied at the Academy of Fine Arts , Plovdiv , Bulgaria
2006 - 2007 Studied at “ Staedelschule “ Academy of Fine Arts , Frankfurt am Main , Germany ,by Prof . Hermann Nitsch , Prof . Simon Starling and Prof . Christa Naeher

Stipendium Dr. H. - W. Dildei Stiftung
2007 graduated as Master of Arts by Prof. Christa Naeher
since 2007 lives and works as an Artist in Frankfurt am Main , Germany

Yıldırım Kılıçhan

My Hobby Dances with Colors.. All oil painting pictures on this blog are taken from the internet does not belong to me... With a little research you can easily find. Does not serve any commercial purpose. There is not advertising on the page. lightning..