Nathalie Picoulet does not believe in chance or luck. The place she has 
obtained as a pastel artist, she knows she has gained through work, work 
and still work. "Seven days a week, I returned to the studio as Tibetan 
monks do in prayer ! " Self-taught, Nathalie Picoulet has progressed to
become a Master Pastellist of the French Pastel Society. Her first 
exhibitionsin the Somme and Seine Maritime heralded the emergence
 of an immense talent. She won numerous awards from 1995 to 2002 and 
her instantly recognisable works are now sold on both sides of the 


In 2003, Nathalie Picoulet based her studio in Roscoff, Brittany. She moved
 to Muzillac, and  spent some time aboard a yacht in the course of
 restoration, moored on the Vilaine near  La Roche-Bernard. In 2013
 Nathalie moved to Saint-Dolay in the Morbihan department 
of  Brittany.



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