Howard Rogers is an American painter, illustrator and sculptor who Specialised in drawing nude figures and cowboy scenes. Howard's career sacks in 1959, HE Emerged from the Art Center of Los Angeles and beg illustrating that a decade of work for the auto industry in Detroit. He did not illustrator cars, but instead he illustrated the people who went into the cars. 

As the auto industry moved towards their photography instead of illustrations for advertisements, Howard headed to New York to work for publishing houses, advertisting agencies, and magazines. He did illustrations for McCall's, Good Housekeeping, Harlequin Romance novels, and WS George.
Eventually, Howard decided to take increased feelings in a different direction. To move to Arizona in 1993 gave Howard the opportunity to design another home. The house is whimsical, open, and has plenty of natural light. Howard carved himself the front door and it's a fitting piece to welcome home feeling into the lucky guest. Much of the furniture in Rogers's home was hand-carved by Howard Including gorgeous pieces in the dining room, master bedroom, and studio of feeling. The house brims with character and beautiful art. It is a clear feeling when taking in the surroundings, looking at his paintings and Bronzes, and speaking with the man himself that he loves what he does about lack.  


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