D.W.C. Fine Nude Of The Day - Painter Miroslav Yotov

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Miroslav Yotov was born in Isperih on July 26th of 1977.  He graduated from Shumen University “Bishop Konstantin of Preslav” with a major in Fine Arts Pedagogy.  In 2006 Miro won first place at a symposium in Shumen with two-meter sculpture made of wrought iron and stone.  The paintings of Miroslav Yotov have been displayed in numerous group and solo exhibitions all over the world.  The light in his paintings has a leading role.

The Artist involves ancient and biblical stories in his art, eluded by different symbols within the boundaries of classical realism and surrealism.

MIRO believes in self expression.  This multifaceted artist produces numerous artworks each year,  spreading positive energy, creativity  and kindness around the globe.   His art tells stories that inspire and motivate the admirer to look at the bright side of life.  

Miroslav Yotov is a painter, sculptor, blacksmith, and a visionary poet.  His  paintings are honest, bold, complex,  vivid and make one's imagination go into overdrive.   MIRO's sculptures are original and even though they might contain an element of realism, they always project metaphorical meaning.   Whether MIRO paints, designs functional installations,  furniture, or takes part in any creative project he stays true to himself and his passion. 

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