Beat Angel 1933 | Italy
Beat Angel was born in Sora (Frosinone) in 1933. After art school, he attended the studio dell'acquerellista German, John Brasch, graduated from the Academy in Berlin. The knowledge with teacher Michele Giordano, Striccoli favorite pupil of the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples, refines the technique that is, with success, his youthful expression in the first exhibition of the gallery "Vanvitelli" of Naples.

Numerous "personal", "collective" and competitions in Italy and abroad, they see it appreciated participant. Aurelio Thomas Priest, Piero Isgrò, Guido Cappato, speak of him, the state of grace that riding happily her hand. The numerous laurels gathered to see his works from the collections of any significance, and here is the "Portrait of Pope John Paul 1" in the art gallery Vatican in Rome, the "Last Light" in the private collection of Senator Giulio Andreotti, the "Amalfi Coast" in that of the Prince Rainier of Monaco.

So much more to add, but still so much to love and appreciate an artist whose maturity has conferred the divine gift of communicating the depths of his ego through the magnetism and the beautiful colors of his works.

Specializing in portraits and female nudes, complete with its theme of marine landscapes and still lifes, mostly painted in oil, but also with other techniques.
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