D.W.C. Bolivian Girl - Painter Zeno Sansuste Zapata,

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Zeno Sansuste Zapata, was born on 02/20/1962 in Prov Bustillos-Potosí.Artista Catavi 
Plastic (Painter, Sculptor) STUDIES AND WORK HIGHLIGHTS 1981 A 1983 School of  
Visual Arts "Raul G. Prada "1987-1990 is Artist in Ecuador and Colombia Free 1996 Wall 
Painting (fresco, sgraffito, acrylic, etc..) Workshop, taught by Master Ponciano 
Cardenas. Cochabamba, Bolivia. 1996 to date has more than 50 solo exhibitions and 
countless group exhibitions both nationally and internationally. The artist's work is in 
 private collections in different countries. 10 portraits in the Government Palace (Hall 
of Presidents) Art Gallery of the House of Culture in Cochabamba, Bolivia.

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