D.W.C. Modern Woman - Painter Darío Ortíz

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Ibagué 1968 . Is a Colombian neo-realistic artist known for his contemporary compositions based 
on classic subjects. He is a leading figure of the Renaissance of the contemporary narrative art
 in Latin America.

Self-taught artist. Between 1990 and 1991 he studies History and Art Appreciation in the Jorge
Tadeo Lozano University; Contemporary art with the Art Critic Juan Carlos Conto and
 attends International Art classes at the Luis Angel Arango Library. He obtains an award in 
the II Artistic World Art-Vie in Paris (1990) and other in the XI Italy prize for the visual 
arts in Florence (1996). As well as several national prizes.

“His paintings are complex interplays of forms in space that document an emotional as well
 as a physical process and are as disturbing as they are convincing in their reality.”
Said art critic Carol Damian Director of The Frost Art Museum of Miami

Recently Yoshiharu Sasaki, Assistant director of the Iwaki Art Museum de Japan, wrote: “It would
 be possible to be said that the painting of Ortiz is baroque of the contemporary time, constituted
 by the greatness, and of a powerful subject, in addition dramatic to an hidden tone, harmonizing
 with the privacy and the audacity a traditional interpretation to the contemporary. The dandyism
 to Hollywood and modus solid classic that is reflected in her, I do not believe that it is possible 
to create it in this nation.” 

His works are included in the collections of the Museum of Latin American Art in Los 
Angeles California, the Presidential Palace of Bratislava in Slovakia, the Civic Museum of 
Abano Terme in Italy, the Museum of Antioquia in Medellín, the Museum of Modern Art of 
Cuenca, The Museum of Contemporay Art of Guayaquil Ecuador, and the Museum of 
Contemporary Art of Bogota, among others.

He founded in 2003 the Museum of art of Tolima and From 2007. He is member of the Academy
 of History of the Tolima. Today Darío Ortiz divides his time between Bogotá and New York.

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