D.W.C. Black & White - Painter Juan Bautista Nieto

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Juan Bautista Nieto was born in Seville (Spain) in 1963.
  There he pursued his childhood studies and guided by his father (doctor in medicine) was encouraged from a very early age to become a doctor. However, everyday on his way to school he passed a professional painter's studio and through the window observed the artist at work. Thus began his secret fascination for painting and drawing which he suppressed because of the family's pressure to follow his father's profession.

He studied at the Faculty of Medicine in Seville where as part of his tutorial programme he came into daily contact with inert and anonymous bodies. In later years this was to prove a formative influence on his understanding and appreciation of the human anatomy.


On the death of his father, Nieto made a milestone decision giving up medicine in favour of his secret passion for painting and drawing. In earnest he began to draw and paint initially studying privately on his own but then embarked on a series of studies at the Fine Arts Faculty of Seville.

His work presents an exaggerated obsession with recreating a reality which reaches beyond the precise representation of a photograph. He transcends the theme and concept of hyperrealism using it as a vehicle to take us onto another level wherein he achieves an extraordinary kind of intensity which paradoxically creates a distinct feeling of unreality.

  His technique is equally obsessive and both demanding and exhaustive. Every facet of his subject is depicted with a minute and impersonal exactitude of detail. His materials are oil and acrylic combined to build an accumulation of delicate and continuous layers of shades and multiple tones of light, shadows and density

 In common with other hyperrealist painters he produces very few paintings each year. His large works take between six to nine months to complete. With some justification Nieto is regarded within Spanish Art circles as one of the foremost exponents of hyperrealism in Spain today. 

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