Soledad Fernandez, a Spanish painter, has realised individual and collective exhibitions from
 the eighties to the present time, in national and foreign galleries of art, as well as in
 international events of art and museums. Born in Madrid, in 1949 Soledad moved to
Collado Villalba, Madrid, where she has lived since then.

 In 1960 and for a period of seven years she studied at José Gutiérrez Valle's atelier of the
 Sevillian School. She is, so that, an atelier painter.

Later on she continued her painting studies at the Circle of Fine Arts in Madrid where she
attended several courses of modern art.

In the 80's she visited and studied art in Paris, London, Rome and Venice, going deeply into
the techniques already learnt in Madrid.

 After several exhibitions of lesser importance, in 1987 her works were exhibited at the 
Sammer Gallery in London and subsequently in Madrid, El Escorial, Barcelona, Palma de 
Mallorca, Zaragoza, etc. She was also present at national and international Art Fairs in 
Washington, Chicago, Santander (Spain), Valencia (Spain), Miami, etc.

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