Gianluca Mantovani was born in 1974 in Livorno, where he lives and works. In 2004, driven
 by the innate passion for drawing and reaching personal maturity, begins to try his hand in
 the oil painting.

Livorno, a city of Macchiaioli, initially introduced him to Impressionism: which influences 
his first works. Even though his strength in that style was evident his artistic research
 and experimentation encouraged him to approach other styles, until he encountered the
 master Bruno Di Maio.. The realist painting is the one which he considered the most
 pleasant artistic expression.

His research also revealed that perfection from the truth becomes a source of stimulation and
 personal satisfaction, and this allowed him to exploit his ability to play in the figurative
details. His willingness to improve continues his journey of training.

The wonderful art, that lives for ever. The art that is worth more than what is spent, because
 it is the art of  Gianluca Mantovani, but lives for ever. 

The works of artisans, which bind us to life, a love unique and pure.
The suffering in the 'feeling', feel the skin of her naked. The suffering of a reality unreal
 that we are accustomed to. Great art, which will continue to embrace... of a long 
sigh. The colors Mantovani uses in his paintings, are alive and thick like blood. Dense
 and palpable... 


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