D.W.C. Science-fiction - Artist Guennadi Ulibin

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Guennadi Ulibin is an artist who is originally from Russia. 
He has a fine arts degree from the Saint Petersberg Academy of Fine Arts. 
When we immerse ourselves in the style and ways of the art world it is difficult to 
classify the characteristics of his works and subject matter. His work is hyperrealist 
and we regularly find surrealist elements and objects which at times 
we cannot properly identify.

These phantasmagorical elements appear side by side with human figures and 
surprise because they are painted so realistically and provoke a sense of an unreal 
reality within Ulibin’s compositions as they are directly captured in the place they represent.
Perhaps we can view Guennadi’s work as a form of transcendental realism trying to 
show us people who, it seems, suddenly, for some mysterious reason, have travelled 
to another dimension or another world. Real people, made of flesh and blood with their 
own unique characters, thoughts and feelings.

Nudes on a bare landscape are the main theme in his creations. Technological 
civilizations no longer exists as there are only the remains of inexplicable machinery 
depicted as giant silhouettes, which sometimes look like ghosts protruding from the land 
or emerging from the sea. But the protagonist in his works is always humanity. 
Despite the apparent stillness emanating from the posture of his characters, one can 
appreciate an enormous energy from within every one. In the solitude and thoughts of 
his characters the painter creates a psychological universe. 


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