Roy Nachum was born in Jerusalem, Israel, studied at The Bezalel Acedemy of Arts in Israel and in then moved to New York to continue his studies at The Cooper Union. For more than a decade, the New York-based artist has challenged viewers to consider other realms of "vision" through his art. Nachum’s works eloquently reveal the conundrums of vision, narrative and poetics, and are extraordinarily variable in how they are experienced and understood.

The artist sculpts Braille poetry onto his canvases to create art that can be experienced by all even those without the gift of sight. The Braille poetry interrelated to the imagery offers a way into his work for people, who otherwise would never “experience” a painting and effectively evokes parallel sensations to what one takes away from a painting through sight. By allowing people to touch his work, Nachum delivers us a refreshing sense of childhood wonder.

Stylistically, Nachum’s work echoes hyperrealism, but it is his temperament and masterful skills that give the paintings a powerful, emotional charge. The whimsical images of a parallel world, somewhere between illusion and reality, offer insight into the conflict between the instinctive and the demands of civilization.
Nachum currently lives and works in New York.

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