D.W.C. Wonderful Woman - Artist Gianni Strino

Friday, October 19, 2012

Gianni Strino was born in 1953 in Naples, Italy where he currently resides. Strino studied fine art at the acclaimed Naples Art Institute winning the medal for the best graduate artist in 1970.After completing his studies at the Neapolitan Artistic Lyceum, he enrolled at the Faculty of Architecture. He taught art and art history in various state schools until the demand for his work allowed him to become a full time artist.

 Strino knows how to treat his light and shade with an absolutely sure technique. His works today express the unique maturity of his talents. Though he is constantly seeking new expressions in art, Strino's art always sticks to the fundamentals of painting: exquisite drawing, composition and color.

His obsession with form and tonal values give his work an old master rather than contemporary appearance. Expert handling of light and shade, as well as clear understanding of anatomy and composition, result in fine portraits that are compared to the company of his major influence, artist Agnolo Bronzino.

His paintings are small as is his output; they are masterpieces for the contemporary connoisseur.

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