Born in Manchester in 1968, Rob is a true free spirit from the outset. Desperate to pursue a 
career met with dismay round every corner, with the exception of his art teacher, recognizing
 that their child drawings of the dinosaurs were something special! Ignoring the advice of their
 elders, he gained a place at university to study for a degree in illustration, but after a year he
 began to feel constrained by the limitations of the course, and decided to go it alone.

Rob spent a year difficult to build a portfolio, and then suggested finding a job using their
 skills to design in order to finance his dream of being an artist. Its exceptional versatility
 as an illustrator and designer, he won a number of major contracts, ranging from
 advertising campaigns at a high level to provide the work of children's books, and 
 soon found himself in the position of satisfaction of doing a lot of money to do something
that I really enjoyed. However, he never allowed his considerable success to divert him
 from his initial goal of becoming a full-time artist, and continued to spend much of his
 spare time painting. 

Yıldırım Kılıçhan

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